Customizable workstation on wheels

Regional hospital reports that dedicated WOWs provide ergonomic, accessible tools for nurses, encouraging patient bedside charting and reducing the risk of spreading infection. MaineGeneral Health, an integrated, not-for-profit health care system, provides a wide range of services throughout central Maine’s Kennebec Valley. The organization was tasked with replacing the services of three area aging healthcare facilities and in 2013 successfully opened a state-of-the-art 192-bed hospital in Augusta, ME—the Alfond Center for Health.


The MaineGeneral Health leadership team recognized the unique opportunity before them—to design a facility from the ground up, placing the patients’ and families’ needs at the center while addressing workflow concerns.

“We challenged ourselves to ask—how can we do things better than we do them now?” said Chuck Hays, MaineGeneral Health president and CEO.

One of the key areas the leadership team focused on was bedside electronic health record (EHR) charting. Maine General Health wanted to find an EHR solution that would speed up bedside charting.

The current system included laptops mounted in wall cabinets, but the location of the cabinets was proving to be awkward for users. Nurses had to turn their backs on patients in order to chart.

“Because they didn’t want to do that, nurses often undocked the laptops and took them to the bedside but then didn’t have a place to set them down,” said Mark St. John, administrative director of technology services.

As well, limited battery life, wireless connectivity issues and expensive cabling requirements created an environment where charting was not adopted consistently. Therefore it was vital that the solution also ensure that units were always readily available and charged for use.

“We needed a better solution and had the budget and the luxury of choosing something with no existing physical barriers.”


After engaging with internal and external stakeholders to plan for a facility that was functional while providing a healing environment, the leadership team turned their attention to the workflow. Several wall-mounted computer workstations, as well as mobile Workstations on Wheels (WOW) were evaluated by a group of nurses, nurse managers and additional staff.

Following the evaluation, MaineGeneral selected the Ergotron StyleView Cart with LCD Pivot, LiFe powered, rolling out roughly 300 of the mobile carts configurations (one dedicated WOW for each patient room) in time for its November 2013 opening. Since then, the nurses and nurse management have been weighing in on the success of the deployment.

“The WOWs have been a big success,” says Sherri Woodward, senior vice president and chief nursing officer. “Now, nurses can sit down and be at eye level with their patients and not have their backs to them.”

Elizabeth Nutting, RN, who uses the WOW throughout her shift, agrees. “It’s fantastic— because it’s always on, we don’t have to wait for it to boot up. It’s ergonomically correct, and we can roll it anywhere around the room. It’s really nice to have.”


With the right planning and stakeholder engagement, MaineGeneral ended up with a solution that achieved the objectives of improving safety and workflow all while keeping the best interest of the patients in mind.

“With the WOWs, bedside charting has gone from inconsistent to 100 percent since the Alfond Center for Health opened in November 2013,” said St. John. 


  • Easily raise and lower the cart to meet height and ergonomic requirements
  • Adjust the positioning based on being right- or left-handed
  • Hindrance to spread of infection due to dedicated mobile carts in each room, preventing carts being used across multiple rooms
  • WOWs always available and powered for use due to dedicated carts being in each room
  • Custom-mounted large-screen, high-resolution monitors that can swivel 180 degrees
  • Night light feature
  • StyleLink software that promotes optimal battery life and health and alerts IT when the batteries are running low
  • Barcode scanner holder
  • WOW customization, adding a clamp on the back so the power cord can be easily stored
  • Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) applications at the bedside for doctors
  • Mobile charting for nurses


StyleView är en ny mobil arbetsstation från Ergotron för patientnära databehandling. Med StyleView förflyttar man snabbt och säkert hela utrustningen så att patientdata kan matas in direkt på plats. Finns i modeller för Laptop eller LCD-skärm där samtliga är höj/sänkbara för både en sittande och stående arbetsställning. Finns även med batteridrift där moderna litium batterier gör att vagnen väger betydligt mindre än tidigare.
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